Monday, 28 February 2011

Longer Headline Text Ads on Google through AdWords

As a user you may have recently noticed that some PPC (pay per click) ads in Google appear slightly differently to other ads. As a Google AdWords advertiser or PPC management agency you may have found that your description line text appears alongside your headline text.

These are changes that Google announced recently and is available to ads with a high average position and quality score. The change means that ad display is more prominent and eye catching to potential customers and Google says “the change results in higher clickthrough rates for ads that are shown with the longer headline, as well as other top ads that appear beside them”, which is good news all round and this suggests that even ads that don’t have the extended headline benefit from the changes. Google encourages PPC management specialists to write ads that appear in a distinct sentence for an optimal chance of appearing with an extended headline.

That said, it has to be stated that the PPC ads are starting to look more and more like natural search results. Natural or non-paid results used to be differentiated by the fact that they had much longer headlines compared to PPC or paid adverts. This change could almost trick a user in to thinking they are clicking a natural result. No harm done you might say, but Google has never been this direct in making such changes to PPC ads – does this suggest Google are pushing for more revenue or is it all in good faith delivering relevant results to the potential customer? You decide for yourself.

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