Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Google AdWords Call Extensions For UK

Google is now allowing UK AdWords advertisers the opportunity to use call extensions with Google forwarding phone numbers. This will allow a new level of tracking and insight metrics to determine the full impact of advertising spend. The new AdWords call extensions offer advanced PPC bid options such as CPP (Cost Per Phone Call) bidding which allow you to place unique bids for you number to have more prominence.

These advances in call extensions and CPP bidding will allow for yet more granular PPC Management through targeting local and qualified customers for your business. The reporting for this aspect of PPC advertising can tie up a full user journey from keyword search term, clicks, conversions and now call tracking. The detail available in the call extension tracking is impressive allowing for:
  • Call start time
  • Call end time
  • Call status (missed or received)
  • Caller area code
  • Call type
  • Campaign (if enabled using the Columns drop down)
  • Ad group (if enabled using the Columns drop down)
In all, this allows for better tracking especially for PPC agencies managing PPC account because this was previously a grey area especially when a customer ranked organically for certain keywords. The CPP bidding and call extensions with Google forwarding numbers will make the impact of PPC that little bit clearer.

Siren Search offer professional PPC Management services and many of our clients already have call extensions enabled. To find out more about how we could help you get in touch regarding PPC Management.

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