Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Google AdWords PPC Training

Google is making it even easier for companies to generate extra business through its AdWords PPC advertising platform with the launch of services like ‘Google AdWords Express’. These services allow companies to gain a presence in Google search results without even having a website, achieved by using the newly created Google+ Local pages (formerly Google Places).

In addition to Google AdWords Express, Google are offering an account set up support service where customers call Google who in turn help set up PPC accounts and get advertisers online with PPC ads in Google.

With a foray of advertisers entering the PPC ad auction on SERPs (search engine results pages) it is important that you are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to drive forward the performance of your campaign. This understanding is fundamental in ensuring you are making the most of your PPC advertising spend and this is where PPC Training can help.

Siren Search offers a unique approach to AdWords PPC Training in providing tailored training that suits your exact needs. So if you have some experience of PPC management but are looking to improve on other areas you’re not so confident on, we can provide bespoke AdWords Training that covers just that. Alternatively if you are looking to gain knowledge of the more advanced features of AdWords then a session can be arranged to focus on just this – all at the convenience of your own office.

A training agenda template is sent to delegates prior to the training and you can amend this to suit your PPC Training needs. With prices for 1 day on-site training for up to 3 delegates at just £295 we are confident that you and your colleagues will get value from our training.

For booking enquiries please call 0800 612 8077 or contact us for further details.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Google AdWords Call Extensions For UK

Google is now allowing UK AdWords advertisers the opportunity to use call extensions with Google forwarding phone numbers. This will allow a new level of tracking and insight metrics to determine the full impact of advertising spend. The new AdWords call extensions offer advanced PPC bid options such as CPP (Cost Per Phone Call) bidding which allow you to place unique bids for you number to have more prominence.

These advances in call extensions and CPP bidding will allow for yet more granular PPC Management through targeting local and qualified customers for your business. The reporting for this aspect of PPC advertising can tie up a full user journey from keyword search term, clicks, conversions and now call tracking. The detail available in the call extension tracking is impressive allowing for:
  • Call start time
  • Call end time
  • Call status (missed or received)
  • Caller area code
  • Call type
  • Campaign (if enabled using the Columns drop down)
  • Ad group (if enabled using the Columns drop down)
In all, this allows for better tracking especially for PPC agencies managing PPC account because this was previously a grey area especially when a customer ranked organically for certain keywords. The CPP bidding and call extensions with Google forwarding numbers will make the impact of PPC that little bit clearer.

Siren Search offer professional PPC Management services and many of our clients already have call extensions enabled. To find out more about how we could help you get in touch regarding PPC Management.

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Monday, 28 February 2011

Longer Headline Text Ads on Google through AdWords

As a user you may have recently noticed that some PPC (pay per click) ads in Google appear slightly differently to other ads. As a Google AdWords advertiser or PPC management agency you may have found that your description line text appears alongside your headline text.

These are changes that Google announced recently and is available to ads with a high average position and quality score. The change means that ad display is more prominent and eye catching to potential customers and Google says “the change results in higher clickthrough rates for ads that are shown with the longer headline, as well as other top ads that appear beside them”, which is good news all round and this suggests that even ads that don’t have the extended headline benefit from the changes. Google encourages PPC management specialists to write ads that appear in a distinct sentence for an optimal chance of appearing with an extended headline.

That said, it has to be stated that the PPC ads are starting to look more and more like natural search results. Natural or non-paid results used to be differentiated by the fact that they had much longer headlines compared to PPC or paid adverts. This change could almost trick a user in to thinking they are clicking a natural result. No harm done you might say, but Google has never been this direct in making such changes to PPC ads – does this suggest Google are pushing for more revenue or is it all in good faith delivering relevant results to the potential customer? You decide for yourself.

Siren Search offer professional PPC Management services and many of our ads already have the extended headlines active on many accounts. To get in touch regarding PPC Management please email us info@sirensearch.co.uk or call 0800 612 8077

Monday, 31 January 2011

Google AdWords Sitelinks

Just over a year ago Google launched a suite of optional advert enhancements called "Sitelinks". These consisted of additional text links that appeared below the display URL of adverts that met high quality score credentials and provided users with even more interaction opportunities.

The use of Sitelinks was momentous because it was the first time Google had allowed multiple additional inks with text ads in its PPC Management program - AdWords. The links can point to related site content and can contain keywords to entice users.

Creativity by PPC Management Companies allows adverts to push the boundaries and provide clients with a valuable new proposition in PPC Marketing.

A year on and Google has announced further enhancements and stats indicating that the two-line format of Sitelinks could be attracting over 30% increase in CTR (click through rate). In addition to this, PPC Management Companies in Birmingham and indeed all over the world can now rest assured that the Sitelinks will be displayed based on historic performance as opposed to the order they are submitted.

This change ensures that both advertisers and users are provided with the most relevant Sitelinks to interact with. All advertisers have to do is ensure that more than four Sitelinks are submitted with various character limits.

For more information on Sitelinks or to get a PPC Campaign built with Sitelinks included please contact Siren Search by email at info@sirensearch.co.uk or call freephone 0800 612 8077

Friday, 17 September 2010

Google AdWords Keyword Pricing – What will my keywords cost?

When selling the idea of Google PPC Marketing through AdWords to potential clients, a common question that arises out of initial conversations is “what will my keywords cost?” – As any seasoned PPC campaign manager will know, there is no hard and fast rule to calculate this for the potential client. Of course, if you manage another campaign in the exact same sector then you will have a better idea but not and exact idea as keyword prices are unique to each client.

Since your CPC plays a pivotal role in determining your Ad Rank it is wise to consider this before going in too low or even too high.

Google Ad Rank: Cost Per Click (CPC) bid x Quality Score

From years of experience, I have come to understand that trying to work out things from a mathematical view, in other words attempting to work out Google’s algorithms is pointless and will not provide you with a solid answer because the algorithm above contains a factor called ‘Quality Score’ which is equally as difficult to determine. Add in to this the algorithms for calculating maximum CPC you will be even more confused as this is based on what the person appearing below you is willing to pay.

Instead looking at it subjectively for each client will at least give them a good idea of relative costs. This way the cost of the click would actually be a figure set in the clients mind rather than a client manager. The best way to explain this is to get your client to think about how much they or their competitor would be willing to part with and still remain profitable to gain a sale on a monthly basis – strictly speaking their lowest ROI. Then the cost of the click would be relative not only to the client, but also their market.

For example, a cake seller’s CPC is not going to be a high as an estate agent’s CPC because the profit margins are so very different. Hence you would expect the cake seller to pay a much lower CPC than the estate agent. In this example, getting the client to think relatively will make it easier to justify a higher CPC where required.

If there is more profit margin in the client’s business sector the it is more likely that the relative market would be willing to pay more for a conversion hence the CPC would be higher. If a high CPC was a problem for some clients, then a way around this would be to identify niche keywords that would not have as many impressions but are related. These keywords may also be useful because users who use them maybe further down the buying cycle and in a position to do business.

In conclusion, CPC cost is relative to each market sector and unique to each client – so why try to second guess it.

Siren Search provides a PPC Management service that takes into account all the significant variables in CPC and combines this with extensive knowledge gained form managing numerous PPC accounts to provide a PPC service which takes CPC very seriously.

Our aim is to provide you with the most cost effective source of advertising through PPC Management, so please get in touch with us today to see how we can help lower you CPC and provide you with a PPC Management Company that delivers results.

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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Advances in search and PPC for mobile devices

Recently Google has put a greater emphasis on mobile search for devices such as iPhones, Android and smart phones such as BlackBerry. The increase in activity in this area is primarily due to technological advances made in terms of accessing the internet at any given time.

In relative terms it could be said that the mobile web has been behind in advancement, but Google are now fast-tracking the mobile web to meet this new demand. With a mobile device the key is mobility and the need to have tailored results relevant to the user wherever their apparent location. Firstly Google has recently began to offer better mobile device targeting where advertisers are able to target specific devices, right down to specific mobile networks.

When advertising targeting these devices it is best to separate this campaign from your general search targeting campaign so you are better able to evaluate and optimize specifically for mobile. For example, some one searching using a desktop computer may search for a “birmingham ppc marketing company”, whereas a mobile user would most probably use just “birmingham ppc”. So your choice of keywords will also be different for mobile advertising.

Location targeting for mobile devices is highly relevant for users out and about wanting to find local places of interest, restaurants, shops and other services. By using Ad Extension to display advertiser location with the ad means more relevant data is available for the user and gives you an even better chance to be found.

In addition to this, the recent roll out of the “click to call” Ad Extension means that users can directly interact with you device specific advert like never before. Click to call means the user is given an option to automatically call your business by clicking on the ad. This is the first time the PPC advertising has been able to take advantage of a device having calling capabilities such as smart phones. What is more, the increase in capabilities has also increased for the mere advertisers or client manager with Google releasing a version of Google AdWords for mobile.

Siren Search run a number of location based, device specific campaigns to target users with the most highly targeted and relevant ads as possible with mobile advertising. With the move to smart phones such as the innovative iPhone, it has been more important than ever to ensure your business appears in search for this type of device.

Call Siren Search freephone 0800 612 8077 to speak to us about how we can get your business advertised in Google for mobile devices today.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

The importance of location in search and PPC

With increasing availability of the "mobile web" and location based services, user demand for highly relevant search results has increased. The fact that more users are able to access the web wirelessly means that it is even more important to ensure you have a presence on the first page of Google through PPC.

In recent months Google has recognized this need and has stepped up in providing more location based settings to further target your AdWords ads to you local customers. At the same time more emphasis has been put on Google Maps in ensuring businesses are represented in organic listings whenever a search query contains a location factor.

PPC campaigns can now use location targeted segmentation where specific campaigns target specific areas and are able to show related Local Business Center synchronized addresses. Alternatively a manually entered address can be combined to show with your PPC ads, further targeting your potential customers.

Here at Siren Search we believe in low level detailed targeting to get the best possible results. Get in touch today and see how we can ensure you appear for all local related search queries, call 0800 612 8077.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Will the iPad revolutionize the way people find businesses through PPC?

With the release of the Apple iPad earlier this month, a whole new platform for search has been established that allows users to browse the internet and much more on a new device which appears as a cross between a laptop computer and a smart phone. The iPad is making the internet even more accessible to users so it is even more essential that businesses can be found in search.

The device offers full browsing capabilities and so offers new opportunity for PPC ads in search. Users of the iPad will undoubtedly be using search as the primary method of finding websites offering products or services. PPC platforms such as Google AdWords will most probably offer the iPad as a targeted device as they did with the iPhone.

If the success of the Apple iPhone is anything to go by the demand for the iPad is likely to be very high thus providing even more potential customers with the capability of finding your website.

On this basis, the iPad may not revolutionize the way people find businesses but instead it will offer your potential customers even more opportunity to find you online. With emphasis on ease of use, customers demand on finding the information they require will also increase therefore it is necessary to be found on the first page of search. PPC offers this opportunity for your business and can even target specific devices, such as, the iPad.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Birmingham PPC Management

Siren Search is a specialist Birmingham PPC Agency dedicated to getting you new customers through PPC. So why does being local count in offering you the best possible PPC Management? In truth, it doesn’t matter much at all…

The only real advantage of being a local Birmingham PPC Management Company is the fact that we may be in a better position to target your customers geographically and locally to you with a better understanding of the Birmingham area.

Apart from this, we believe that a PPC Management Company should be able to deliver results no matter what your geographic location whether in Birmingham, Glasgow, London or Manchester. We certainly deliver for our national clients.

Siren Search is an expert in bringing you more customers to your site to generate more income for your business. We can do this because unlike some other agencies, we target on a very high level ensuring that we are reaching your target customer every time they search for a product or service that you sell or provide – that’s the single best unique selling point about Siren Search PPC, the fact that we target your customers at the crucial time when they are actually searching for the exact products or services that your business offers.

Our experience as Birmingham PPC Management company means that irrelevant of our or your location, we can get you more leads, more customers and more business though PPC.

PPC isn't as expensive as you might think - Our PPC Management starts from just £75.00 per month.

Call us today, free phone 0800 612 8077 to see how we can help you get more customers.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Siren Search PPC Blog

Welcome to the new Siren Search Blog to keep you up-to-date on everything PPC.

Siren Search is a Pay Per Click Company based in Birmingham providing PPC services to local and national businesses since 2004. We have a range of clients offering products and services who are acquiring new clients everyday through our PPC Management Service.

So, what is PPC? Pay Per Click (PPC) is a way of advertising your website on the first page of Google (using Google Adwords) and other search engines to find new customers. PPC ads only show when a potential customer shows an interest in your service by searching for keywords related to your business. What's more you don’t pay when the adverts are shown, only when they are clicked.

Your customers are out there looking for services that your business offers - can they find you? Siren Search was founded with the motto "let them find you" in reference to your customers and we believe your business should have every chance to become visible in Google with PPC.

We identified a need for all types of businesses to be able to get on to the first page of Google, however small or large. Siren Search set out with the objective of taking on any size of account and provide them with a professional and personal PPC Management.

The Siren Search PPC Blog will keep you updated with the latest advances in PPC and search related news.

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