Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Google AdWords PPC Training

Google is making it even easier for companies to generate extra business through its AdWords PPC advertising platform with the launch of services like ‘Google AdWords Express’. These services allow companies to gain a presence in Google search results without even having a website, achieved by using the newly created Google+ Local pages (formerly Google Places).

In addition to Google AdWords Express, Google are offering an account set up support service where customers call Google who in turn help set up PPC accounts and get advertisers online with PPC ads in Google.

With a foray of advertisers entering the PPC ad auction on SERPs (search engine results pages) it is important that you are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to drive forward the performance of your campaign. This understanding is fundamental in ensuring you are making the most of your PPC advertising spend and this is where PPC Training can help.

Siren Search offers a unique approach to AdWords PPC Training in providing tailored training that suits your exact needs. So if you have some experience of PPC management but are looking to improve on other areas you’re not so confident on, we can provide bespoke AdWords Training that covers just that. Alternatively if you are looking to gain knowledge of the more advanced features of AdWords then a session can be arranged to focus on just this – all at the convenience of your own office.

A training agenda template is sent to delegates prior to the training and you can amend this to suit your PPC Training needs. With prices for 1 day on-site training for up to 3 delegates at just £295 we are confident that you and your colleagues will get value from our training.

For booking enquiries please call 0800 612 8077 or contact us for further details.